Why choose OHNI?

OHNI provides experts in their field whose number one concern is your successful outcome. Both doctors are fellowship-trained and board-certified. We feel that it is equally important to treat your voice and maintain a normal appearance. In an effort to achieve this result, our laryngologist and Dr. Hamilton have merged their individual areas of expertise to provide superior results. During your time at OHNI, you will have direct access to your doctors at all times both before and after your procedure, not residents or fellows.

Can my procedure be performed on the weekend or evening?

Yes, your procedure may be performed on the weekend or evenings to accommodate your schedule.

How long will I need to be off work?

Most patients return to their work and normal daily activities within one week after their procedure.

Will I be able to eat and talk normally after surgery?

Your procedure will affect your voice and you may be put on temporary voice rest depending on your doctor's advice. You may eat normally the day of your procedure.


Stroboscopy is the latest technology in voice care and is more than a scope in the nose.

This larger camera is delicately placed in the mouth giving a brighter, high-resolution image of the throat in action. It uses strobe light to slow down the vibrations of the vocal folds so that even small problems can be detected.

What is the difference between laryngoscopy (scope in the nose) and stroboscopy?


    • Low resolution
    • Low magnification
    • Dark
    • Through the nose (can be painful)
    • General overview of throat
    • Can’t see vocal fold vibration
    • Available in most ENT offices


    • High resolution
    • High magnification
    • Bright
    • Through the mouth (painless)
    • Detailed exam of how voice works
    • Can see vocal fold vibration
    • Only available in voice specialist’s office

This technology is not available in most physicians’ offices because it is expensive and most otolaryngologists do not know how to use it. But it is critical in cases of voice problems to have a stroboscopy to accurately diagnose and treat your voice problem.

stroboscopy los angeles

Laryngoscopy gives the impression of something on the vocal folds (bumps) but the true nature can’t be seen. Stroboscopy shows a clear cyst on the vocal fold, guiding treatment in a way that the blurry image on the left cannot.